The French School Christmas party, 14 December 2023

‘Tis the season to be jolly! We hope this festive newsletter finds you in high spirits as we embark on the merry celebrations that await us at the French School of Harare. With twinkling lights, cheerful carols, and the sweet scent of anticipation in the air, the joy of Christmas is spreading throughout our school.

We are excited to announce that on Thursday, the 14th of December, we will be hosting a magical Christmas party right here at our beloved institution. The highlight of the day will be the arrival of none other than Santa Claus himself, who will be gracing us with his presence starting from 8 am. Santa will be making his way through the preschool and primary classes, spreading his infectious laughter and bringing smiles to all the children’s faces. It’s the perfect opportunity for our little ones to make their wishes known and experience the enchantment of the holiday season.

Santa is coming to town!

But that’s not all, dear parents! Santa will be joined by the students as they gather in the gym hall at 12 noon to sing joyful Christmas carols. Their voices will blend harmoniously, creating a heartwarming melody that will resonate through the halls of our school. It’s a truly magical moment that showcases the spirit of togetherness and the joy that comes from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

From 1 pm to 3 pm, we invite all students, staff, and parents to join us for a delightful bring-and-share picnic. It’s a time to relax, indulge in delicious treats, and revel in the company of our vibrant school community. So, mark your calendars and come prepared with your favorite snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to share with others. It’s an opportunity to connect, establish new friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Bring and Share Picnic

On this day, academic sessions and after-school activities will be temporarily suspended, allowing our students to fully immerse themselves in the festive celebrations. Instead, the talented Amy, our after-school clubs teacher, will guide the kids in constructing a beautiful Christmas tree made from painted boxes. The children will have the joy of gluing the boxes together, adding their personal touch to this special holiday symbol. It’s a creative endeavor that allows them to express their artistic flair while embracing the spirit of giving and collaboration.

During the Christmas party, we are pleased to announce that the school library will be open to everyone in attendance. Feel free to browse through our vast collection of books and lose yourself in the enchanting world of literature. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new stories, expand your horizons, and ignite a lifelong love for reading among our students.


 The Library is open to everyone.

From 1 pm onwards, the responsibility of looking after the kids will be in the hands of their parents. We kindly request your cooperation in ensuring the safety and well-being of our students during this time. This is also the perfect moment to capture the magic of the day, as kids and parents are invited to take pictures with Santa Claus. These cherished photographs will serve as timeless reminders of the joy and wonderment that Christmas brings..

We’re all in for a delicious treat! We’ll be gathering together to indulge in a delectable spread of delightful pastries and other pleasant foods. Let’s savor every bite and fully immerse ourselves in the sweet pleasures. This gathering serves as a celebration of the hard work and dedication that has fostered our thriving community.

Last but definitely not least, we would like to inform you that our school has been adorned with festive decorations, and a beautiful Christmas tree adorns the administration block. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well within our halls, creating an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and anticipation. Let the twinkling lights and the vibrant colors serve as a reminder of the magic that the holiday season brings.


On a delightful side note, I am pleased to inform you that I will be visiting Pious Nyenyewa in january. We will be planning his visit to our school in January, where he will have the opportunity to screen his beloved Disney animation for our students. It’s an exciting collaboration that will inspire our little ones and ignite their imaginations. More details will be shared in the near future, so stay tuned for further announcements

Dear parents, as we come together to celebrate this special time of year, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas – the spirit of giving, love, and compassion. May these celebrations strengthen the bonds within our school community and infuse our hearts with peace and joy.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Warmest regards,