Good day to all,

The heat of this past day didn’t stop some of the kindergarteners from kneading bread and baking it, thanks to the initiative of Mmes Melot and Chevallier in bringing in Mr. Banville, who runs the Café de Paris and enabled the children to discover the joys of baking. Other children prepared delicious breakfasts in Mme Rannou’s class. Other projects will take place next week as part of La Semaine du Goût.

On this occasion, the French School of Harare will be happy to welcome you for a picnic on Thursday, October 19 from 12 pm to 1 pm. Here’s how it works: everyone brings a specialty, a dish, a drink (non-alcoholic), and a dessert, so we can share and enjoy our culinary traditions. Come one, come all! Teachers, staff, students – everyone is invited.

Elections for staff representatives took place today. Ms. Fatima Wazir (English teacher), Mr. Eric Kemadjou (math and physics teacher), and Ms Pauline Rannou (school teacher) were elected by their peers.
Regine Jean-François and Crystal Byrd Ogbadu were elected as parent representatives. I will be meeting with them as their new representatives next Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Student class representatives were elected in September. Panashe Matina (Terminale) was elected to represent his fellow students on the various bodies involved in school life.
Brandon Pendelliau (full member) and Jonathan Sangare (deputy member) were elected to represent the school’s students on the CVL (Conseil de vie lycéenne).
Aboubacar Sampil and Lulama Zamchiya have been elected to the Conseil de Vie Collégienne (CVC), representing middle-school students. They will be making proposals to the head of the school, whom they will be meeting shortly.

The back-to-school AGM has been postponed to Tuesday, November 7 at 5 pm. The professional agendas of the main players in this body don’t always coincide, and we can’t do otherwise. We apologize for the inconvenience. Mr. Benjamin Durrenberger, the new Cultural and Cooperation Councillor, will meet the members of the Management Committee in my presence next week for an initial contact.

Ms. Djamby and I will be taking part in the AEFE’s back-to-school seminar next week in Johannesburg. Ms. Djamby will be back at the school on Wednesday, October 18. I’ll be back the following day. Our teams and you will of course be able to contact us.

Finally, let’s not forget two joyous moments that will punctuate next week: firstly, the class photos, which will be taken on Tuesday, October 17. These are always eagerly awaited by the children and their parents. And on Friday October 20, to round off this first period in style, two animated films will be shown in the evening by COPA. A great opportunity for the whole family to get together.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All the best,